How to Measure Engine rpm with a Multimeter

RPM, an acronym for Revolutions Per Minute, estimates how fast an engine spins or operates in a minute. It is merely the number of times or rotations the engine’s crankshaft makes every 60 seconds. For instance, in a car, the more you press the accelerator, the higher the engine’s RPM, which simultaneously leads to an … Read more

What Does OL Mean on A Multimeter – How Test, Measure For Open Loop

what does ol on a multimeter mean

When you take measurements with a multimeter, you are likely to come across different readings. It’s important to understand what each reading means to avoid misinterpretation or errors when using the instrument. You need to know if there’s a short circuit, open-loop, or circuit (OL), or there’s no circuit at all. This will ensure that … Read more