How To Test A Chainsaw Coil With A Multimeter

How to test a chainsaw coil with a multimeter

The main focus of this article is on how to test a chainsaw coil with a multimeter. Now, before we delve deeper into the topic, you should know that the ignition coil in a chainsaw is an important mechanism that transmits electricity to the spark plugs. If the chainsaw doesn’t start when you crank the … Read more

How To Test Power Window Switch With Multimeter

How To Test Power Window Switch With Multimeter

You should know how to test power window switch with multimeter. Because you might find yourself, one day, in a car with a stuck window, and you desperately need to roll down your window. Instead, your window is unresponsive or malfunctioning. You might get so frustrated and might be unable to reach a technician or … Read more

3 Steps On How To Test A Tachometer With A Multimeter

how to test tachometer lines with a multimeter on motorcycle

Are you looking for how to test a tachometer with a multimeter? Then this article is for you. Let’s start from the beginning; if you don’t know what a tachometer is or what it does, the following article won’t make much sense, so; what is a tachometer? It’s an instrument that measures how fast a … Read more

6 Steps On How To Test Amplifier Output With Multimeter


Trying to find out how to test amplifier output with multimeter can be a daunting task. Especially if you never did it before. However, having the right tools can save you a lot of hassle, time, and money. It’s actually a pretty straightforward operation, especially if you have all the necessary tools at hand. There … Read more

7 Steps on How To Measure Engine RPM With A Multimeter

how to measure engine rpm with a multimeter

This article is the definite guide on How To Measure Engine RPM With A Multimeter quickly. RPM, an acronym for Revolutions Per Minute, estimates how fast an engine spins or operates in a minute. It is merely the number of times or rotations the engine’s crankshaft makes every 60 seconds. For instance, in a car, … Read more

What Does OL Mean on A Multimeter – How Test, Measure For Open Loop

what does ol on a multimeter mean

When you take measurements with a multimeter, you are likely to come across different readings. It’s important to understand what each reading means to avoid misinterpretation or errors when using the instrument. You need to know if there’s a short circuit, open-loop, or circuit (OL), or there’s no circuit at all. This will ensure that … Read more