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7 Best Heat Gun For Phone Repair In 2021

If you are unsure of the best heat gun for your phone repair to purchase, you should read through our article as we extensively describe the seven best heat guns that are recommended for phone repairs. As a phone technician or someone in need of a tool to repair a phone, getting the best tools and equipment can help speed up the process and make the repair process easy and successful.

A heat gun is a handheld device that allows for easy separation of the phone’s different components. As its name implies, it works by providing a high temperature that acts on the adhesives holding the various parts and separating them without causing damage to any one of the parts.

There are key conditions to consider before you choose a heat gun. Some of the considerations are the temperature settings, power, the screen display, size, airflow, surface stand, and durability. Several great heat guns are highly recommended, such as Wagner, Seekone, Tacklife, Porter-Cable, Genesis, etc.

What is the Best Heat Gun for Phone Repair?

According to our research, Genesis GHG1500A Dual-Temperature Heat Gun is the best heat gun for phone repairs. We have done an extensive research by weighing the pros, cons, features, and customer reviews and have created a list of recommended heat guns in this article.

These heat guns are highly recommended and can be used for phone repairs and other household tasks. But, Genesis GHG1500A Dual-Temperature Heat Gun is an excellent heat gun for phone repair and other DIY tasks.

Why is Genesis GHG1500A Dual-Temperature Heat Gun the Best Heat Gun For Phone Repair?

Genesis Dual-Temperature Heat Gun is a top-rated heat gun because of its unique features and great functionality. Its high-quality nozzles made it outstanding in the market and desired by customers.

It has four nozzles that function differently and enhance its performance. Its powerful motor is responsible for its great capacity and capability.

The engine has two settings and allows users to alternate between the 750Watt mode or the 1500Watt, depending on the temperature. The Genesis motor can work for long hours and can generate heat high enough to separate your phone components without causing any damage to any part.

Best 7 Heat Guns For Phone Repairs

1. Wagner Spraytech 0503008 HT1000 Heat Gun:

At an affordable price, Wagner Spraytech 0503008 HT1000 Heat Gun offers you so many features that you need to repair your phone and perform other household tasks.

Apart from its use for phone repairs, this heat gun can remove paint, unfreeze frozen pipes, remove rusted bolts, and perform several other household functions.

Besides its versatility, Wagner Spraytech 0503008 HT1000 allows you to switch between two temperature thresholds – a low 750°F and a high 1000°F setting. The least temperature setting helps unfreeze or remove ice, while the highest one can get rid of paints off surfaces – walls or woodwork.

Wagner also allows you to set the fan’s speed to your desired rate, whether to a low or high speed. Its rugged handle comes with a dial that allows you to set the temperatures. Another fantastic feature of this device is its durability due to its firm grip and a nozzle that doesn’t wear out.

Highlighted Features

● Rugged and light casing

● Temperature range between 750°F to 1000°F

● Two fan speeds that can be alternated

● Temperature control switch on the handle

● An integrated stand for easier use

● Compact structure

● Lightweight

● Rust-resistant nozzle


● Easy to use and long-lasting

● Works very fast

● Can perform diverse functions

● Handy household tool.


● It can get too hot.

● The tool must be handled with caution to prevent burns.

2. Black Decker Heat Gun – Affordable and Dual Temperature Heat Gun:

Black Decker Heat Gun is another recommended heat gun for phone repairs. It is a versatile gun that can remove paints, loosen rusty nuts, and perform several household applications apart from phone repairs.

This heat gun has a compact design which makes it easy to use and handle. Its compact design and lightweight structure also expose it to a lot of airflows. Thus, you can use it for a long time without any fear of getting hurt from overheating.

There are additional safety measures that have been put in place like nozzles and reflectors, which also help to cut down the cost of purchasing new ones. Black Decker Heat Gun has dual temperature settings – 750°F and 1000°F and a switch that allows for an easy and quick change of operations.

It comes with a stand that allows it to dissipate heat in its downtime.

Highlighted Features:

● Light and compact structure

● Dual temperature settings between 750°F and 1000°F.

● A stand to cool off its heat.

● Metallic clip on its handle for additional support.

● A control switch to alternate the operations easily and quickly.


● Easy to use

● Can function at high temperatures

● Clear and high-quality screen display

● Suitable for several household tasks.


● It can’t function at a low temperature

3. Porter-Cable PC1500HG Heat Gun – Recommended Brand for Phone Repairs:

The Porter-Cable Heat Gun is one of the most popular heat guns for phone repairs. It has a powerful motor with a power of 1500 Watt which allows it to generate a lot of heat.

Unlike some other models, it has control selectors for setting the temperature and adjusting the fan speed. The fan control selector is located on the handle, while the temperature control is built on the heat gun’s side.

This feature is loveable because it allows for an accessible toggle between the two settings without any mix-up. There is also an integrated stand that enables you to use the device hands-free.

Despite its powerful motor, the Porter-Cable heat gun is lightweight, which makes it easy to handle. Its lengthy high-grade cord is also handy, and it comes with a ring peg for storage purposes when it is not in use.

Aside from its function as a tool in phone repairs, Porter-Cable Heat Gun helps perform several household tasks. It can be used to remove paints, remove adhesive tiles, welding, melt frozen pipes, etc.

Highlighted Features:

● Lightweight.

● Temperature control.

● Fan speed selector.

● Lengthy power high-grade cord.

● In-built support stand.


● It is not heavy and burdensome to carry.

● It has an effective temperature and fan speed control dial.

● Affordable yet high-quality heat gun.

● Useful in performing several household tasks – paint and tiles removal, welding, melting, etc.


● Air output can be poor.

4. Craftsman CMEE531 Corded Electric Heat Gun:

Capable of allowing users to adjust its temperature between 120°F to 1200°F, this corded electric heat gun is super convenient to use. The temperature control allows users to alter the temperature easily while they are performing their tasks.

Its two fan speeds will enable you to choose your desired airflow while using the tool. It also comes with an inbuilt support stand that supports the gun in an upright position and allows for free use.

The motor has a power of 1500 Watt which enables it to deliver concentrated heat during its use.

Highlighted Features:

● A corded Heat Gun.

● Temperature can be adjusted from 120°F to 1200°F.

● Two fan speeds.

● The motor has a power rating of 1500 Watts.

● An Inbuilt support stand


● Easy to use

● It has an effective temperature and fan speed control dial.

● Multipurpose heat gun


● It doesn’t come with accessories.

5. Worx Maketx Mini Heat Gun:

This heat gun from the reputable Makerx tools is a great one to consider when you aren’t sure of the heat gun to buy. Unlike some other heat guns, Makerx heats up quickly, up to about 500°F in a short while.

It is a mini, compact tool designed for comfortability and convenience while in use. Its compact structure allows users to control it in any direction and comfortably hold it for several hours without any distress.

It comes with a focused nozzle that is responsible for directing the heat and controlling the location. The integrated prop stand helps to keep the hot nozzle from damaging a fragile work environment.

Like the other Makerx tools, the Markerx heat gun is powered by the hub and its rechargeable battery. For an accessible and unhindered movement while in use, the Makerx gun is attached to a long and flexible power cord which enhances its free movement.

This gun is excellent for melting frozen locks, pumps, pipes, removing old paints and adhesives, phone repairs, drying painted or glued works, and several other household or DIY tasks.

Highlighted Features:

● A Compact and slim design.

● Long and flexible power cord.

● A narrow and focused nozzle.

● An inbuilt prop-stand for the nozzle.


● Easy to use.

● It’s not difficult to maneuver or handle because of its slim structure.

● Nozzle enhances its accuracy and precision.

● 4 ft power cord enhances its flexibility while in use.


● The battery, charger, and hub are sold separately.

6. Hangar 9 Heat Gun:

Hangar 9 Heat Gun is a heat gun you need to supply you with all the heat required to separate your phone components. Its motor has a power rating of 1000 Watts.

The removable nozzle helps to concentrate and focus the heat while in use. There is a switch on the handle to adjust the temperature and set it to low or high. Another control switch for the fan is at the back and it’s used to regulate the amount of airflow.

Highlighted Features:

● Removable nozzle

● Temperature control dial.

● Fan control selector.

● Durable.


● Affordable

● Rugged and Durable.

● Adjustable airflow and temperature


● It can get too hot and cause burns.

7. Genesis GHG1500A Dual-Temperature Heat Gun:

The Genesis Dual-Temperature Heat Gun is a versatile and helpful tool for phone repairs, removing adhesives, removing old paints, melting frozen pipes freezers and gutters, loosening rusty nuts, drying damp surfaces, and so on.

It has a powerful 12.5A motor and a power rating of 1500/750 Watt. One unique feature of this heat gun is its nozzles. Genesis heat gun has four nozzles that function differently.

There are two deflectors, an air reduction and a reflector nozzle. The air reduction nozzle functions in focusing the heat; the deflector nozzle protects the different surfaces – glass, wood, etc., while the reflector accelerates the melting of frozen pipes.

Its 3-position temperature switch allows the user to alternate the temperatures and set it off or high or low. It can be stood on its back to allow for hands-free use.

Highlighted Features:

● A corded electric heat gun.

● Two deflectors, a reflector, and an air reduction nozzle.

● Temperature control dial.


● Affordable.

● Compact design that allows single-hand usage.

● Multipurpose functions.

● Easy to handle.

● It is lightweight.


● It can get too hot.

Buying Considerations

There are certain factors to consider in a heat gun before deciding to buy them for a phone repair. Below are a few considerations to make before getting a heat gun.


As the name implies, a heat gun is a tool needed to generate heat. Thus, the temperature is the most crucial factor to consider before purchasing a heat gun.

It would be best to have a heat gun that can produce the right amount of heat to open your phone correctly. If the temperature is too low, the process might fail, and if it’s too high, your phone might get damaged.

The temperature settings are also very crucial. You don’t only need a heat gun that can offer several temperature ranges but one that the temperature can be controlled and adjusted as needed.

Automatic Calibration:

Some heat guns also come with this unique feature, although it is usually in costly heat guns.


The power ratings are usually displayed in Watts. The higher the ratings, the more powerful and fast your heat gun will be.

So, if you need your heat gun to heats up in no time, consider getting one with a high power rating. You should not purchase a heat gun that will require more than 120 seconds to get heat up.

Nozzle Attachments:

Some phone repair processes require the use of nozzles. If you ever need a nozzle for your phone repair, you should ensure that you purchase a heat gun that works with nozzles.


Many phone technicians prefer to use compact and slim-designed heat guns because of their portability. Compact heat guns are easy to control, and they do not occupy much of your workspace.


Durability is another crucial feature you should consider before getting a heat gun. You don’t want to buy something that won’t last for a long time.


The airflow is usually used to indicate how fast the temperature from the heat gun reaches the surface of the item you are working with. This is another critical factor to consider.

Fan settings:

There are times you might want to adjust the airflow of your gun to avoid getting some components damaged or to maximize its efficiency. Thus, it would help if you got a heat gun that will allow you to control the airflow when it’s needed.

Liquid Crystal Display: While this feature is not compulsory, it is a nice feature to have in your heat gun. It will help you keep track of the values you have entered and remember your previous temperature settings.

Surface stands:

Surface stands are also excellent features that enhance a gun’s functionality and make the work easier.


Heat guns perform at extreme temperatures. A good heat gun should have protective materials that can prevent it from overheating or causing damage to its users or surfaces.

FAQs about best heat gun for phone repair

1. What does a heat gun mean?

An heat gun is a tool that generates a stream of air with extreme temperatures. It is a versatile tool that can perform several household repairs, from removing paints or adhesives, melting frozen pipes, or even soldering.

One unique feature about heat guns is that they can generate flameless heat; thus, they are considered a safe source of heat for household or DIY projects.

2. Why do I need a heat gun for my phone repair?

Before you can separate phone components, you have to melt the adhesives first. To dissolve these adhesives, you need a heat gun.

The heat gun provides an extremely high temperature that separates the screen from the other parts without breaking or destroying any part. The heat gun allows for a quick, easy, and neat separation of the phone parts.

3. Is a heat gun used only for phone repairs?

No, a heat gun is a flexible tool that can perform diverse repairs, household or DIY tasks. Apart from phone repairs, here are a few applications of heat guns.

● It can be used to take off old paints from surfaces.

● It can be used to remove old wallpapers or stickers from surfaces.

● A heat gun can be used for quick paints drying.

● It can be used to warm up frozen pipes and thaw them.

● A heat gun is useful in computer repairs.

● It can be used to melt frozen locks and drying moist surfaces.

● It can be used to remove dents without causing damage to the surface.

● It can be used to warm and bend plastics.

● A heat gun can be used to weld plastics and tarpaulins.

4. How does a heat gun operate?

Heat guns function like hair dryers. They have a fan that draws in atmospheric air, which passes through its heating component.

The heating element elevates the temperature of the air and blows it out through a nozzle. The user then directs the hot air towards the desired area.

This is how a typical heat gun functions, but more sophisticated ones like infrared heat guns heat the desired surfaces via infrared emissions.

Some heat guns are portable and can be held in the hands, while some need to be placed on supports before they can be used. They also come with controls that allow the user to adjust the temperature of the blown air.

5. What precautions do I need while using a heat gun?

Here are a few things to take note of while using a heat gun.

● It would be best if you do not use a heat gun near highly flammable materials.

● Ensure that you turn off the instrument before you place it on any surface.

● While using, you should be cautious and conscious of the direction of the hot air.

● If you are using a heat gun in an enclosed area, ensure that the room is adequately ventilated to avoid an accumulation of fumes.

● When you are not using the tool, ensure that it’s switched off and disconnected from any power source.

● Avoid directing the blown air towards your skin or anyone else.

● Avoid bringing the hot nozzle in contact with human skin or clothes

● Before storing, allow the device to cool its temperature.

● Do not insert any object into the nozzles or the heat gun.

6. Are there alternatives to heat guns?

Depending on the task you want to do, there are other alternatives you can consider if a heat gun is not available. Although these alternatives cannot totally replace or perform effectively as heat guns, they are excellent substitutes.

Tools like ethanol burner, matches, engraving laser, soldering iron, butane torch, lighters, and hair dryers are great substitutes.

7. Do heat guns generate loud noises?

Heat guns could be a bit noisy. However, the noise depends on how powerful your heat gun is. Some heat guns have varying levels of temperature settings.

The higher ones are often louder than, the lower ones. The noise is pretty much like a hairdryer.

8. What is the highest temperature a heat gun can attain?

Normal gear guns can attain a temperature as high as 300 to 400°C, while infrared heat guns can have a temperature as high as 400 to 600°C.

Expensive and more advanced heat guns like industrial heat guns can attain temperatures as high as 1000°C and even more. These industrial heat guns have unique ceramic heating components and a die-cast casing to manage such high temperatures.

They are used for more complicated tasks like automobile engineering, construction tasks, etc.

9. Are heat guns risky to use?

The hot air from heat guns is usually harmless and has less dangerous effects than naked flames. But, if used carelessly, they can cause highly combustible materials to burn or damage sensitive areas.


Choosing the right pieces of equipment for your repair can be stressful if you do not have someone to put you through. Despite the frustration that comes with it, it is vital and necessary to ensure that you get your work correctly done.

Depending on your necessities and the properties you prioritize, you can choose any of the mentioned heat guns. Your preferences and requirements should be your first considerations while you want to select a heat gun.

While most phone technicians prefer a temperature range between 500°F to 1000°F, you can decide to go higher or lower depending on what you need for your job. If you are a stationary worker, you might want to consider large-sized heat guns, while a mobile repairer would prefer a compact one that can fit into their work bags.

How much money you can afford is also something you should not neglect while making buying decisions. You don’t have to break a bank to get a heat gun.

There are several affordable guns with the excellent features you need to do your repair. Ensure that you always consider your budget and your requirements before purchasing a heat gun.

Our review will also be a guide for you to make the right choice.

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