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Best 12 Inch Digital Caliper

Digital Calipers are super helpful in many fields. Whether you need it for your job as an engineer or DIY projects in your house, you can never overestimate its usefulness in taking accurate measurements.

A slight error in your measurement can affect the success of your project or cost you extra expense.

This review will provide you with an extensive guide on choosing the best and right digital caliper for your engineering or DIY projects.

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What is the Best 12 Inch Digital Caliper?

According to our research and reviews from customers, VINCA DCLA-1205 12-Inch/300mm Electronic Digital Vernier Micrometer Caliper is the best 12 inch digital caliper. The other digital calipers in this review are also notable mentions and are worthy of your purchase.

Why is VINCA DCLA-1205 Electronic Digital Vernier Micrometer Caliper the best 12 inch digital caliper?

VINCA DCLA-1205 Digital Vernier Micrometer Caliper is one of the best 12 inch digital calipers you can purchase at a reasonable price. It has both analog and digital readout.

Also, it provides a high degree of accuracy and precision while taking readings. This tool is anti-corrosive, well-designed, and appropriate for professional and household DIY uses.

Its durability is also guaranteed. It is built with hardened stainless steel, which makes it durable for years.

Another feature we love about this caliper is it’s automatic on/off feature. This automated on/off feature, as well as other features it has – its compactness and lightweight, makes it an easy tool to use and carry around.

Top 12 Best 12 inch Digital Calipers

1. Neiko 01409A 12-inch Electronic Digital Caliper – Best Display: 

The Neiko 01409A Digital Caliper offers a great combination of high quality and affordable prices. It is suitable for both engineers and DIYers.

It is a versatile tool that allows you to measure the inside, outside, and depth of an object. The results are then displayed on a large LCD screen, enabling users to see them clearly and easily.

Neiko 01409A offers a measurement range between 0 to 12 inches and 0 to 300mm. Its frame is built with stainless steel, which ensures its durability. The frame also has a knurled thumb roller and a locking screw which allows for easy sliding and precise placement while the tool is in use.

Highlighted Features

Measurement Range:  12 inches

Accuracy : 0.001inch or 0.02mm

Modes: Decimal, Fraction, and Metric.

Display Type: LCD

Automatic Turnoff: Available

Factory Calibration: Present.


  • Ultralight Compact sized.
  • Long-lasting and durable.
  • Easy and well-displayed readings.
  • Accurate and precise measurements.


  • Frequent battery drain.
  • It has a gap between the measuring jaws.

2. VINCA DCLA-1205 12-Inch/300mm Electronic Digital Vernier Micrometer Caliper:

VINCA DCLA-1205 digital caliper is another high-quality 12 inch caliper that you can get at a reasonable price. It is suitable for use by experts or at home by DIYers.

It is designed with refined and polished stainless steel, which provides durability. Not only does it offer you the ability to measure larger diameters, but VINCA digital caliper also offers you readings with a high degree of accuracy.

It has three measuring modes – fraction, inch, and millimeter. Furthermore, VINCA DCLA-1205 allows you to take the measurements of the diameter of the inside, outside, depth, and step of an object.

Highlighted Features

Measurement Range :  0 to 12 inches

Accuracy : 0.001inch or 0.03mm.

Modes: Decimal, Fraction, and Metric.

Display Type: LCD

Automatic turnoff: Available

Factory Calibration: Present.

Readouts: Analog and Digital.


  • Accurate and precise tool.
  • Compact sized and lightweight.
  • Automatic turnoff feature.
  • Easy to read display.


  • The tool can be slightly stiff out of the box.
  • Not suitable for industrial use.

3. iGaging Absolute Origin 12-inch Digital Electronic Caliper – Best Water Resistant: 

iGaging 12-inch Digital Electronic Caliper is another good buy. It is water-, dust-, and oil-resistant IP54 caliper.

It has a high accuracy absolute memory technology – it offers up to 0.02mm accuracy. Its robust readout and stainless-steel material make it suitable for use by automobile engineers.

The display provides a detailed and precise reading.

Highlighted Features

Measurement Range :  0 to 12 inches

Accuracy : 0.001inch or 0.02mm.

Modes: Decimal, Fraction, and Metric.

Display Type : LCD

IP54 Rating: Present


  • It has different measurement options.
  • Built with durable stainless steel.
  • Accurate and precise results


  • No automatic turnoff features.
  • No fractional display.


4. Clockwise Tools DCLR-1205 12-inch Electronic Digital Caliper:

This is a digital 12-inch caliper from Clockwise Tools. It is another digital caliper that’s worthy of your money.

Like some digital calipers, it has IP54 protection from water and dust, making it fit for outdoor use. It can also be used by experts and by household owners.

It is built with fine stainless steel, which makes it durable. Also, users can carry it about easily due to its compact size. Besides that, it can measure an object’s steps, depth, internal, and outer diameters.

Highlighted Features

Measurement Range:  12 inches or 300mm.

Accuracy : 0.0005inch or 0.04mm.

Modes: Decimal, Fraction, and Metric.

Automatic turnoff: Available

Factory Calibration: Present.

Display Type: LCD

IP54 Rating: Present.

Data Transfer Port: Available


  • Easy to use.
  • High accuracy, precision, and resolution.
  • IP54 protection.
  • It has smooth sliding.


  • No absolute positioning.

5. Fowler 541019001 Stainless Steel Frame Xtra-Value 12-inch Electronic Caliper:

With an accuracy of 0.0016inch or 0.04mm, Fowler Xtra-Value 12-inch Electronic Caliper is an ideal digital caliper for professional, and household uses. Its frame is built with hardened stainless steel, and it comes with a pouch for storage purposes.

It can measure the inner dimension, outer dimension, steps, and depth of an object with its pair of jaws. Its lock screw helps to put the jaws in position and ensure an accurate measurement.

The LCD screen displays the results in inch and metric units.

Highlighted Features

Measurement Range:  12 inches.

Accuracy : 0.0016inch or 0.04mm.

Modes: Absolute and Incremental.

Display Type: LCD

Zero Setting: Present.

Data Transfer Port: Available


  • Accurate measurement.
  • Large and clear display.
  • It has both an inch and metric digital readout.


  • Not resistant to dirt or oily substances.
  • The batteries don’t stay in place.

6. General Tools 14712 Fraction Plus 12-inch Digital Fractional Caliper:

The 1471212-inch Digital Fractional Caliper from General tools is another high-quality caliper with a triple mode display – suitable for household and professional purposes. It has an accuracy of 0.004inch or 0.1mm.

Its automatic turnoff feature and pocket clip make it super convenient to use. Although it is not considered a professional tool, it provides accurate and precise readings and other unique features.

With just a button, you can switch easily between inches, millimeters, and fractions. You can also use the General Tools 12-inch Digital Fractional Caliper to measure an object’s depth, steps, internal and outer diameter.

Its stainless steel makes it rugged and suitable for use outside.

Highlighted Features

Measurement Range :  0 to 12 inches.

Accuracy : 0.004inch or 0.1mm.

Modes: Decimal, Fraction, and Metric.

Automatic turnoff: Available

Display Type: LCD

Other features: Pocket clips, depth gauge


  • Accurate measurements.
  • It has decimals, fractions, and metric readouts.
  • Long-lasting and durable tool


  • The screen is difficult to read from.
  • The battery compartment cannot be opened easily.

7. Starrett 798A 12-inch digital Caliper: 

If you want a slim, compact-sized tool with a great display, then Starrett’s 12-inch digital caliper is a great choice for you. It has an accuracy of 0.0005inch and 0.01mm.

A unique feature of this digital caliper is its IP67 protection which indicates that it is resistant to debris and submersion under ideal conditions. In addition, it is built with hardened stainless steel, which makes it resistant to corrosion and guarantees its durability.

Highlighted Features

Measurement Range:  12 inches.

Accuracy : 0.0005inch and 0.01mm.

Display Type: LCD.

Zero Setting: Present.

IP67 Rating: Present.


  • Easy to use.
  • Large display for readings.
  • Can be used in different fields.
  • Caliper has an automatic turnoff feature.


  • Its accuracy can be better.

8. Fowler Xtra-Range 12-inch Electronic Caliper:

The Fowler Xtra-Range 12-inch Electronic Caliper is another good purchase. It is available in varying measuring distances up to 12 inches or 300mm.

It can be used to measure both the inside and outside diameter of an object. The frame is designed with a hardened stainless-steel material which makes it durable and resistant to rusting.

You can use this tool to measure large workpieces because of its long jaws, allowing easy accessibility. The readings are displayed on its LCD screen in inch and metric units because of its direct metric and inch conversion.

Highlighted Features

Measurement Range:  12 inches.

Resolution: 0.0005inch or 0.01mm.

Modes: Inch and Metric.

Display Type: LCD

Other features: Knurled lock screw, hold feature, thumb-operated roller, long jaws


  • Accurate and precise readings.
  • Can be used with large objects.
  • Resistant to corrosion.
  • Its hold feature helps you put the display on hold for a while.


  • It can’t measure the depth or steps of a workpiece.

9. Mitutoyo 500-754-20 Digital ABS Caliper Thumb Roller: 

This is a fantastic tool from Mitutoyo. It has an IP67 certification because it is resistant to water, oil, and dust.

Thus, it is appropriate for use in outside or workshop conditions. It is designed with a long-lasting hardened stainless -steel material.

There are several outstanding features of this caliper. Aside from its ability to take precise measurements, it has some function control buttons.

These buttons allow it to set the origin, secure its initial measuring location, shut down after 30minutes, and zero-set its display.

Highlighted Features

Measurement Range :  12 inches.

Resolution : 0.0005inch or 0.01mm.

Display type : LCD

Other features: Rolling thumbwheel, thumbscrew, EM Induction linear encoder, alarm.


  • Durable tool.
  • Unlimited response speed.
  • Readings are displayed in metric and inch units.
  • Resistant to debris and temporary liquid immersion.


  • Quite expensive.

10. Mitutoyo 500-193-30 12-inch Absolute Digimatic Caliper:

The Mitutoyo 500-193-30 12-inch Absolute Digimatic Caliper is another excellent tool from Mitutoyo company. With an accuracy of 0.0015inch or 0.03mm, this caliper is a good one to consider.

It has a large LCD screen, a thumb roller, and an absolute or zero key. It also displays its readings in inch and metric units like some other digital calipers.

It comes with a fitted pouch and a battery.

Highlighted Features

Measurement Range:  12 inches.

Accuracy : 0.0015inch or 0.03mm.

Resolution : 0.01mm or 0.005inch.

Modes: Metric and Inch.

Display Type: LCD.

Zero Setting: Present.

Other features: Thumb roller


  • Readings are displayed on a large LCD.
  • Accurate and precise readings.
  • The results are shown in meters and inches.


  • The inside jaws don’t close perfectly.

11. Starrett EC799A-12/300 Electronic Caliper:

The Starrett EC799A-12/300 Electronic Caliper is another fantastic tool from the L.S. Starrett Company you might love to consider. For people who are always on the go, a caliper that is light and easy to carry around is a perfect option to use.

Compactness, lightweight, stainless steel body, and user-friendly design, among other features, are what make the Starrett Calipers stand out in the marketplace. Also, it has a large and clear LCD screen which makes it easy to read.

With a resolution of 0.0005inch, Starrett is willing to serve you and provide you with accurate and precise readings.

Highlighted Features

Measurement Range:  12 inches.

Resolution : 0.0005inch.

Modes: Inch and Millimeter.

Display Type: LCD

Other features: Thumbwheel.


  • Accurate and precise measurements.
  • Easy to carry around because of its lightweight.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Large and clear screen.


  • It flashes random figures when it loses scale.

12. Oshlun MTEC-12 12-inch Stainless Steel Digital Caliper:

The last but certainly not the least digital caliper on our list is this digital caliper from Oshlun tools. Built with stainless steel, you can guarantee its durability and ability to last long.

Like other digital calipers, it is a perfect tool for measuring an object’s depth, steps, inner and outer diameters. It comes with an extra battery and is packed in a plastic storage case.

Highlighted Features

Measurement Range:  12 inches.

Resolution : 0.0005inch.

Modes: SAE and Metric.

Display Type: LCD

Zero Setting: Present.

Data Output Port: Available

Other features: Knurled thumb roller, precision ground jaws.


  • Accurate and precise readings.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • The large screen makes it easy to read the results.
  • Easy to convert readings from metric to fractions.


  • The battery drains fast.

Buying Considerations of Best 12 Inch Digital Caliper

Whether you want to purchase a new digital caliper for professional or household use, there are certain things you must look out for. However, despite being familiar with the best products in the market, you might still find it hard to pick a suitable item for you.

That is why we have carefully written this buyer’s guide to help you navigate through the process of purchasing a new digital caliper for your work.

Here are a few key features you should always check for before buying a digital caliper.

Length (Size):

Before you buy a caliper, the first thing you should take into account is its size. The size of a caliper is proportional to its efficiency.

The longer the caliper, the more efficient the tool is. The length also indicates how much distance it can measure.

For basic repairs and minor upgrades, a 6-inches caliper is recommended. For complex or advanced work, larger calipers are more appropriate. The typical lengths are 6 inches, 12 inches, and 24 inches.

Depth gauge:

The depth gauge feature allows you to estimate the depth of a cavity or hole. It is one of the essential features of a caliper you should consider if crucial for your needs.

Usually, low-quality calipers have less sturdy depth gauges.


A well-calibrated caliper provides you a more accurate reading. Some instruments are already calibrated by the manufacturers, while some require manual calibration.

If you are a beginner, it is advised that you purchase the already calibrated calipers in the market.


One of the major reasons people use digital calipers is because they can take accurate measurements. Despite, there are variations in the degree of accuracy between different digital calipers.

The accuracy of a digital caliper is simply telling you how much deviation there can be in the readings. Thus, the higher the accuracy of a caliper, the less accurate the results.

Units of measurements:

The measurements units in which the readings are displayed are also essential features to consider. While most users prefer inches as their unit of measure, some other people want their results to be in the metric or the fractions unit.

If you are not sure which unit you might need later on, it is better that you choose a caliper that can display multiple units. Thus, you can be assured that they are available to you no matter the readings you need later on.

IP ratings:

If you are likely to use your digital caliper in a harsh weather condition or an unfavorable environment, you need a tool that can withstand it. The IP or Ingress Protection ratings indicate the environmental resilience of a digital caliper.

Calipers with IP54 ratings, for example, have high resistance to dust and water. Some other calipers are also resistant to oily substances, debris, and temporary submersion in liquids.


Reading the results of your measurements from an LCD screen is better than taking readings using printed markings. The former saves time and offers a higher degree of accuracy than the latter.

Also, most digital displays come with metric units, inches unit, feet, fraction conversions, etc. These additional features peculiar to digital readouts make it a better option.

Locking Screws:

The locking screws are essential parts of a digital caliper. They ensure that the caliper’s jaws are well secured and stable to provide a more accurate result.

You should make sure to purchase a digital caliper with high-quality locking screws to guarantee better accuracy.

Larger display:

Digital calipers with large LCD screens are easier and more convenient to read from. An ideal digital caliper should display its readings clearly on an LCD for a better users experience.


Digital Calipers are built with different materials such as plastic, stainless steel, or carbon fiber. Each type of material has its flaws and benefits.

Stainless steel, for example, is the most commonly used material for designing calipers. It is more robust, more durable, and resistant to corrosion, water, and debris.

Despite its pros, stainless steel digital calipers are often more expensive. Other alternatives like carbon fiber, plastic is more affordable but less durable.

Zero or Reset Button:

The zero button is used to reset the digital caliper to zero and as an on/off switch. This is a vital feature as well.

FAQs About Best 12 Inch Digital Caliper

1. How can I tell if my digital caliper is accurate or not?

To tell if your caliper is accurate or not, you have to perform an accuracy check. The easiest way to do this is to use an object with a known thickness or diameter.

Take the object and use your digital caliper to measure its thickness or diameter. The difference between the actual thickness or diameter and the results from the caliper indicates the accuracy.

This can help you know if your caliper is in good shape or not.

 2. What do I need a digital caliper for?

You can use a digital caliper to take accurate and precise measurements of the internal diameter, outer diameter, depth, and steps of an object. The readings are easy and convenient to read from the LCD screen. You cannot find these features on a vernier caliper.

 3. Is it appropriate to buy a digital caliper that has a length of more than 6 inches?

Digital Calipers with lengths more than 6 inches are often used for larger objects. Unless you intend to measure larger things with the caliper, you should go for smaller sizes like a 6-inch caliper.

4. How do I recharge my digital caliper when the battery is low?

Digital Calipers use batteries. The batteries are usually not recharged when they are drained. Instead, they are replaced because they are cheap to purchase.

5. What are calipers used for?

A caliper is a tool used to accurately measure the different dimensions of an object such as length, width, diameter, depth, etc. Calipers are used in various sectors like medical, engineering, education, research, laboratories, etc.

Some of the practical functions of calipers are listed below:

  • Students in schools use calipers to measure the inner diameter, outer diameter, and depths of different objects.
  • Calipers are used in scientific laboratories to measure metal expansion when there is a temperature rise or fall.
  • Calipers are used in the medical industry in the manufacture of medical tools and machines.
  • Manufacturers use calipers to measure both large and small parts during manufacturing processes.

 6. What are the differences between digital calipers and dial calipers?

  • Digital calipers do not have a mechanical system, unlike dial calipers. Dial calipers have a mechanical system that includes – racks and pinions.
  • Digital calipers are easier and faster to read, unlike dial calipers.
  • Most digital calipers provide their readings in mixed-unit systems, while dial calipers can either have metric or imperial units.
  • Digital calipers have better resolution and reliable accuracy than dial calipers.
  • Digital calipers are the most expensive calipers.

7. Should I buy a vernier caliper or a digital caliper?

For more accurate and precise results, it is better to buy a digital caliper. Digital calipers have better resolution and accuracy than vernier calipers. They are also faster to use and easier to read.

8. How do I use a digital caliper?

The outer diameter of the object:

  • Place the outer jaws on each side of the object.
  • Adjust the thumbwheel till the jaws are secured around the object.

The inner diameter of the object:

  • Place the inner jaws parallel to each side of the object.

Depth of the object:

  • Place the base of the digital caliper at a point perpendicular to the object being measured.


Whether you need a digital caliper for DIY in your home or as a professional, it is essential to have the right tool for your work. However, there are many brands and models in the market, which makes choosing the right tool a daunting task.

This is why we have written this extensive review to guide you as you make your choices. Your intentions, your budget, and your preferences are also important considerations before you finally make a choice. So, don’t leave them out while making your decisions.

On that note, we drop our pen and hope we have been able to help you make a better choice.

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