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Which 1 Is Better: Heat Gun Vs Hair Dryer Phone Repair

For a long time, people have been wanting to know which would win in a heat gun vs hair dryer phone repair. It is almost impossible not to notice the similarities between a heat gun and a hairdryer.

They practically have the same shape. They both blow hot air, and there are a lot more things that make them more alike. But before we get to that winning part, let’s familiarize ourselves with some basic concepts, the differences between one another, and lastly, a step-by-step mini-guide on how each can help you do phone repairs.

Is there a difference between Hairdryers and heat guns?

Yes, they may have the same design, or at least most of them do. Both of them blow heated air, but that doesn’t make heat guns and hair dryers the same.

If for whatever reason, you have to use instead of the other, you have to be extra careful to prevent hurting yourself or damaging the device you’re repairing.

Let’s start by discussing Heat Guns.

What are Heat Guns?

If you haven’t used a heat gun before, you may be under the impression that you can use a hairdryer instead, but that will depend on the task at hand. As we have mentioned at the beginning, heat guns and hair dryers share design similarities, and their job is to blow hot hair.

So, why use a heat gun instead of a hairdryer? Here is why:

Heat guns are powerful, really powerful. They are designed to blow hot hair at high temperatures, ranging between 300 degrees and 1200 degrees. Some of them will go beyond that, while others are more discreet, depending on the name brand and model you have. The market is full of models with a lot of interesting features.

How many different types of heat guns are there?

First, you have your basic, run-of-the-mill heat guns that don’t really produce that much heat compared to professional models. Heat temperatures range between 150 and 750 degrees, and they lack any features that will help you complete the job quicker. All you get is an ON/OFF button, and that is it.

Do Heat Guns do something else?

After all, all you need is to turn it on, complete the job, and turn it off, right? Yes, that is what most people think when they buy their first heat gun.

But when you start using them on different objects and working on different tasks, you soon realize that you really need those extra features.

What are those extra features I need?

It is time to talk about the higher-end heat gun models available in the market today, the digital heat guns. According to the experts, heat guns with a digital LCD are much better than the cheaper ones. The difference between one model and the other is like comparing an old cellphone with a brand-new smartphone. A huge difference, indeed.

What is the main difference between them?

Well, with the basic models, there is no way of accurately knowing the heat temperature. You could end up burning yourself and also damaging whatever you are repairing. This would not happen if you had one with an LCD screen.

Why wouldn’t this happen with a higher-end model?

Basically, instead of putting your hand in front to see if the heat gun is ready, you can check if the heat gun has reached the desired temperature by looking at the LCD.

What are Heat Guns used for?

The most common uses for heat guns are, shrinking objects, removing paint, drying paint, and of course, phone repairs. However, there is no limit to what you can do with a heat gun, just be sure to wear safety goggles. There are plenty of other things you can do with them.

Take a look at this YouTube video to see how a heat gun is an excellent tool for phone repairs.

Link: Screen removal-phone repair

What are hairdryers?

In the day and age, we live in, it is very easy to answer this question because most people in the world have used a hairdryer at least once in their life. Design-wise, they look pretty much the same as a heat gun. Both of them blow hot air. However, hairdryers don’t reach the same high temperatures heat guns do.

Can they be used for other things?

They were designed to dry hair, but ever since they first came out, people have found out they can be used for a lot more than just drying your hair after a shower. You can use them to work on small projects where you need a focused heat source.

Can you use a Hairdryer instead of a Heat Gun?

If you have been reading this article word by word, you probably know by now that the main difference between heat guns and hairdryers is the heat temperatures they can reach.

Heat guns blow hot hair reaching temperatures as low as 300 degrees, and as high as 1200 degrees. On the other hand, hairdryers don’t even get close to 300 degrees.

So, can I use them for the same jobs?

In short, no, they can’t be used to perform the same tasks, even though they look and do the same. The fact that one can’t reach the same temperature levels as the other is what sets them apart and why you can replace a heat gun with a hairdryer to repair your phone. However, if you want to make a quick or temporary fix, the hairdryer should do the job.

Now that you know what a heat gun and a hairdryer are, what they do, and what sets them apart, let’s finally answer the question of:


Heat Gun Vs Hair Dryer Phone Repair: Which is better?

Using a Heat Gun for Phone Repairs.

A heat gun is one of the most important tools any phone repair technician will have at its disposal. As we’ve mentioned before, they range from cheap models to higher-end professional models. You can check out some Heat GunS here: Heat gun for phone repair.

How do heat guns work?

The higher-end models are usually comprised of two sections, a station with the control panels and other special features like temperature control and airflow, and the heat gun itself through which the hot air comes out. Inside the handpiece, there is a heater coil. These coils are usually made of ceramic that heats the cold air passing through.

How to use a Heat Gun for Phone Repairs.

This is a step-by-step instruction about how to use a heat gun to fix or remove integrated circuits in your phone.

  1. Set the temperature and the airflow to the desired setting. It should be too high nor too low. Between 400 and 600 degrees, Celsius should be enough for standard repairs, like desoldering. If you are using a higher-end model, make sure the airflow settings match temperature settings to avoid any damages.
  2. Once you have identified the problem, start blowing hot air to the faulty circuit. Don’t point directly at it from a short distance. Start further away and close in slowly. This way, you will avoid damaging other parts due to thermal shock.
  3. Use a couple of tweezers once the solder paste has been removed to take the faulty circuit out.
  4. Clean the area carefully. You can use desoldering braid to remove any remaining solder paste.
  5. Apply new solder paste in the area, and place the new integrated circuit.
  6. Grab the heat gun and start applying heat from a safe distance and then slowly start closing in.
  7. When the solder paste has melted, turn the heat gun off.

Are there more tips regarding the uses of heat guns?

  1. Smartphones are built using small parts and components, some of which are somewhat delicate. Be careful you don’t damage one while fixing another.
  2. For example, the vibrating motor, nowadays manufacturers use a special adhesive to secure it. If you apply too much directly at it, you’ll end up burning it.
  3. Another component you need to look at is the inbuilt battery. Applying too much heat could damage it beyond repair or worse explode.

Using a Hairdryer to repair a phone?

A hairdryer will only help you fix a limited number of things on your phone. As a matter of fact, there are only two things you can fix with the help of a hairdryer, as long as you follow the instructions word by word.

Remember, it isn’t advisable to use a hairdryer instead of a heat gun to repair your phone. However, if you don’t have access to a heat gun or you need to make a quick repair, here is how you can do it.

What things can I repair using a hairdryer?

The first thing you will be able to repair using your run-of-the-mill hairdryer is water damage. If you accidentally dropped your phone in the toilet, you can use the hairdryer to try and fix the problem.

Make sure you turn the “cool” setting on and start blowing air directly to the back of the phone. Any temperature setting higher than that could seriously compromise other components.

Hairdryers without a “cool” setting shouldn’t be used as a tool to help you repair a phone.

Using a Hairdryer to replace the Phone Screen.

The second thing you may be able to repair on your phone using a hairdryer is replacing the glass screen.

What Should I have at hand to Replace the Glass Screen?

Step 1: Preparing the phone.

Before starting to work on your phone, make sure to turn it off first. Since you’re replacing a broken glass screen, put on some eye protection, goggles, or glasses. Also, you can use duct tape to cover the broken glass shards to prevent them from hitting your face.

Step 2: Loosening the glass screen.

The glass screen on your phone is held in place using strong adhesives. Turn the hairdryer on. Medium heat setting should be enough and start melting the adhesive to remove the broken glass screen.

Apply the heat directly at the edges. Once it is loose enough, remove the screen. You can use a deck card to leverage the screen and slide a thin wire between the gap to separate the glass screen from the LCD.

Step 3: Clean the LCD screen.

Once you have removed the broken glass screen, use the microfiber cloth to clean the LCD screen underneath, removing any leftover adhesive or dust. You have to apply new double-sided adhesives on the edges of the LCD to hold the glass screen in place. You need to purchase a specialized brand fit for phone repair.

Step 4: Placing the new glass screen.

The final step is to put the new glass screen in place and remove the protective plastic it comes with. Press down firmly on the edges to ensure it adheres well.

Some tips

  • You should definitely watch a YouTube video beforehand to get a clear view of what you’ll have to do. Here is a link that might help you: How to remove glass screen using a hairdryer
  • You’ll have to remove several screws in the process, all of which come in different lengths and sizes. Use some sort of system to identify where each screw goes. If you put the wrong screw in the wrong place, you could break the LCD screen.

The Heat Gun vs Hair Dryer Phone Repair discussion has been a hot topic for a while now. As we reached the end of this guide, you have probably discovered that heat guns can’t be replaced with hairdryers when repairing your phone.

Even though you can use the dryer to fix small issues like water damage or replacing the glass screen, you should always have a professional heat gun with a digital display screen at hand to do these jobs.

In any case, when using one or the other, you always have to be careful to avoid hurting yourself or damaging the equipment you are trying to fix.

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